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3 Reasons You Need A Touch Panel

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Many people with a smart home don’t consider the need for touch panels, and insist on using their phones or an iPad for more in-depth control of their home. Unfortunately this can lead to cumbersome and inconvenient operation. A touch panel offers much more than a phone when you’re in the middle of your everyday life. That why we’re here to tell you about the three reasons you need a touch panel

1. It’s Always Accessible

One of the greatest things about a touch panel is that it is always there. If it’s built into the wall it will never run out of battery, it will never be unavailable because it’s being used for something else, and we would be very surprised if you ever misplaced it.

2. Intercom from anywhere

Intercom is a must for a family in a larger house. You’re able to video chat with other touch panels throughout the house, and you can even intercom to your house from your smartphone while you’re on the go. A door station will also start a video call when someone rings the doorbell.

3. Control the whole house in one place

A touch panel offers in-depth control over the entire house. Every controllable device can be controlled on a touch panel with an easy-to-use interface. You can also create favorites, so your most used features are always right on the home page.

A touch panel integrates seamlessly into any sized system; whether it’s a small one room system, or a large smart home with over a hundred devices. A touch panel will add accessibility and convenience to any system!

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