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Your business can benefit from new technologies. Our goal is to make your business more profitable through the use of technology. These 'tasks' include keeping your business on the 'cutting edge' of communications, data networking, utility savings and keeping your business assets and employees safe and secure. As an added benefit, we can automate many of the daily processes that your business needs to free your employees to do other profitable functions.

For example, restaurants or sports bars with multiple televisions used for their patrons' enjoyment have need of only showing a few channels but each of those channels are displayed on multiple TVs.  We use video switching equipment to keep content costs low and provide an easy way to manage the display of the right channels.  Businesses with conference rooms can benefit with automated window shades, providing light control and/or privacy.


In the 'Categories' below, there are more details on the types of technologies and their features we can integrate into your business to create a cost-effective, connected, safe and inviting business environment.



Networking is the foundation for all that we do. When needed, we install a state of the art networking system in your business. Our networks consist of a series of switches, routers and firewalls which are necessary for fast networking and safety. We can install firewalls which automatically block viruses from getting to your equipment - we keep the 'bad guys out'.

Our networks may be used for advanced PBX systems that use SIP protocols for connectivity to desk telephones, external telephone lines, wireless handsets and other devices which need to access the VoIP system. Our networks provide a great source for the bandwidth necessary for Wireless Networking (WiFi), Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance Systems, Climate Control, Lighting Control, Sound Systems, Digital Signage Systems and much more.

Com Communications

PBX Systems

We install the latest in Voice over IP Business PBX Systems. These are the latest telephone systems designed for businesses. We install systems for very small offices to very large offices. Although our systems interface well with the public switched network (i.e., telephone services provided by AT & T, Windstream, Cox Communications, etc.), we can also install SIP trunking services from national providers so that your telephone communications cost far less than those acquired from your local telephone company. We work with you to determine what will be best for your business.

Cell Phone Repeating Systems

We have found that many businesses suffer with cell service that is very weak or non-existent inside of their business facilities. Whether it is an executive of the business or a visitor, they experience dropped calls or what we have all experienced - just terrible cell phone service.

We design and install building wide cell phone repeating systems that provide your business with the very best cell service available. It is like having your own cell phone company located in your building. These systems can be programmed to provide service to all of the carrier's signals so that no matter whose cell service you are buying, or cell service that your visitors have, they all will have awesome service while in your building.

Com PBX Systems
Cell Phone Repeat

Lighting Control

We install the latest in building wide lighting control systems. These systems work to save you money by turning off the lights when they are not needed. For example, as part of the lighting control system, we can install occupancy sensors in rooms so the lights are turned off when they are not needed. The system can also be programmed to turn lights on when someone enters a room. The most common place that we install these sensors are in conference rooms, restrooms and closets.

Com Lighting

Climate Control

We can also install electronically controlled thermostats which turn down the heating and air conditioning when it is not needed. This saves a lot of money for a business. Actually, when we install Lighting Control, a Climate Control module can be added to the controller so that the only cost is the minimal cost of thermostats that provides scheduling control. The cost is negligible, but the savings are astronomical!!

Com Climate

Shade/Window Covering Control

We can install shades which automatically raise and lower to catch the rays of the sun during the winter or lower during the summer to block the heating rays. This saves money and adds to your bottom line.

We also install automated shades in public places like restaurants, business buildings and other such places that need to block the Sun's rays on a schedule.

Of course any shade installed may be manually controlled when necessary.

Com Window Control

Conference Rooms

To stay competitive and keep costs down, more people are looking at ways to use connectivity for both clients, associates and other branches of a business. No matter the size, we can evaluate and design a solution that can keep you connected as well as impress clientele to stay with your brand.


We install state of the art video to your conference rooms. Some of the options include large screen monitors to assist in presentations. They can even be touch screen capable so that whomever is making a presentation can 'project' their laptop or iPad screen to the large touch screen monitor. It works just like you are using your own personal device. We can add audio systems to large conference rooms and conference centers so that even the 'quiet speaker' can be heard. We can also install motorized shading systems which darken the room or keeps out direct sunlight when needed.

Com Conference Room

Video Walls

When extremely large video displays are needed, we can install the latest systems. These are great for a wall of video in a conference center, sports bar or maybe in a retail shopping mall envirnoment or anyplace that a very large screen is needed.

Com Video Wall

Sound Systems

We engineer and install Sound Systems which can 'pipe' music throughout your business, provides paging capabilities and provides access to services like Pandora, XM Radio, Tune-in and other network based services. These Sound Systems can be essential to many businesses.

Com Sound Systems

Public Facility Video

Many restaurants, workout facilities and other venues provide video or large screen TVs for their patron's enjoyment. We can provide the installation of these systems including video switching systems that allows the viewing of programs on multiple screens simultaneously. Let us plan and install your system.

Com Public Facility Video

Security/Surveillance Video

Our control system can be setup to monitor your security video and/or surveillance video.  You can access our control system remotely from your cell phone or on a PC which is logged in through the VPN services that we establish for your network.  Of course, you can access security alarm panels, security systems and surveillance video from the control system touch panels installed inside your business as well.


If you would get an alarm call from your security company, you can just access the control system from your cell phone and quickly determine what zone is alarming, view security camera footage as well as surveillance video from within your business. 

Com Video Survelliance
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