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Home Automation

Connect to manage lights, HVAC, audio/video and more

Automate one area to a whole home, our team of experts can design a tailored-made system to fit your needs.

Control System

Our Control System is your personal assistant to organize all of the functions that make your home unique and personalized to you. In addition, our Control System even acts as a universal remote control to manage your entertainment systems in your home. There is no need to have separate remotes for your TVs, DVD players, etc. Our systems bring everything together in one place. And then our smartphone app lets you take all of that with you and you only need one app to manage everything (your smartphone can even act as a remote to control your TV). The technology is truly amazing!

We have a full system setup in our Experience Center. You can see for yourself how convenient our system is to operate.

Voice Control

Usually you interact with a touch panel or with a keypad to direct what you want done. Now we can add 'Voice Control' which allows you to give verbal commands to our system and it will react to your commands as if you entered them on a panel.

We have designed our systems so that they can easily be updated for new technologies as they are added or needed. This helps keep you up to date and your 'systems working for you' and not 'you working for your systems'.

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