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Network, phones, data security and more

Networking is the foundation for all that we do.  When needed, we install a state of the art networking system in your home.

Networking goes beyond computers.  Home automation equipment, appliances, televisions, home theater, heat and air control, telephones and other equipment use the network to provide connectivity to you.  You then simply tell the home what you want it to do for you. If you desire, we can set up the system to receive verbal commands to make things happen.

Network | WiFi | Phones | Data Security


A network can provide perfect cell phone and other telephone equipment service. For very large homes, we can install advanced telephone equipment which places wired extensions all over your home. Gate openers often require a wired telephone line to give a homeowner the ability to open gates for visitors. When you are away from home, your system can be programmed to ring your cell phone simultaneously so you can 'always be home'.

In addition, SIP based telephone services can use the network. SIP based telephone services can really save money and we install these types of systems.


Wireless computer networking... most of us have experienced less than perfect WiFi when trying to access our online services in our home. Some parts of the home have great signals, but other parts have dead spots that make your network either too slow to use or maybe not even accessible. We make this problem go away. We install WiFi equipment that eliminates dead spots. You have the same ultra-fast service no matter where you are in the house... basement, bedrooms, kitchen, upstairs, downstairs - well you get the idea.

Network/Data Security

When we install a network, we use the latest in network security equipment. You certainly don't want "hackers" to enter your home through your network to steal and disrupt your peace of mind. We employ the best network practices to make sure your data remains safe. We can also install advanced firewalls that will keep the 'bad guys" out of your network. You don't want to rely on a cheap cable or DSL modem for your security.

Most people don't think about what happens to your pictures and other media if a computer crashes. Your family will accumulate pictures, videos and other electronic memorabilia that you will want to keep for a lifetime. Where do you keep all of this "most valuable" of possessions? The data storage requirements are huge. We have an appliance that we call our Media Keeper that stays active on your network and provides a massive amount storage capacity to which you can copy all of your pictures, videos, documents, tax returns, etc. That way, as years go by, you can look back to find fond memories and necessary documents as needed.

Although the Media Keeper has internal redundant storage, we also recommend that it is backed up to an off-premise backup service. This provides the necessary backup should a disaster happen that compromises the Media Keeper (we can set this up for you). We consult with you to plan for any unforeseen event.

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