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Enhancing Your Entertainment

Customize your space for the sound and look you want.

Home Theater | Entertainment Center | Television for the Whole Home | Whole House Audio

Usually home owners think of "Home Theater" when entertainment is mentioned. However, to us entertainment includes not only Home Theater, but Home Entertainment Centers, Whole House Audio and Televisions which take advantage of not only satellite and cable services, but Streaming Video and Switched Video as well.  We can work with you to custom design your ideal entertainment spaces that best fit your lifestyle.

Home Theater

Families today want to have a place to not only have an "in house" movie night, but a place they can proudly bring in friends to enjoy amazing entertainment. Today's home theaters include quality that rivals any commercial Cineplex. Not only can a home theater show a movie in high definition 'theater' quality but also can take advantage of the full 4K video experience.

Theater audio systems have the capability of making you feel like you are right in the middle of the action as the audio follows the scene as it moves left to right, front to back, or overhead. The experience is further enhanced by seats that shake and move with the action. Many customers use their home theaters to have an extreme sports experience. Watching the Superbowl in one of these specialized theaters might just be better than sitting on the sidelines... You get to see, hear and feel all of the action.

Frankly, it's difficult to use words to reveal the true dimensions of the experience. We design theaters for our customers and have placed one in our Experience Center for you to see, hear and feel the difference. That is the way to really understand what is available for your home.

We have theaters available for most budgets.

Home Entertainment Center

Most homes do not have a full home theater due to space considerations. However, most homes have a place where family and friends can sit down and enjoy a movie, a television show, sports or other similar events. Today's ultra large screen televisions are thinner and lighter than ever and look absolutely amazing. Although the cost for these large screens has plummeted, the audio experience has also gotten much thinner and lighter as well. Sometimes it sounds as if you are listening to an old AM radio. We can fix this problem. We can install audio equipment to make your television experience sound like your own home theater.

We can also add video switching and streaming equipment that can provide the same content as the highest end theater.  Again, our "Living Room" Experience Center allows you to see and hear for yourself what can be done in your home.

Television for the Entire House

We can place any number of television systems with or without enhanced audio capabilities anywhere in your home. The televisions can take advantage of video switching capabilities that we have installed elsewhere in the home along with the available streaming options.


Remember, you can start watching a program or movie in one location and then continue watching it at another location in your home. You can also simultaneously stream programs to multiple televisions simultaneously. Our showroom has all of these technologies set up and working so you can experience them for yourself.

Whole House Audio

Whether you want to listen to your own collection of digital quality music or online services such as XM radio, Pandora, Spotify, Tune-In or other similar sources, we can install a system that provides music to every room in your house. For an extra bonus, we can provide the option for family members to each listen to their own catalog of music or music source. We can install full stereo speakers in the ceiling or install standalone speakers, making any audiophile pleased with what is heard.

There are many options available. You can listen to the systems that we have in our Experience Center to get a feel for what can be done in your home.

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