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It has become routine for large homes to not just have a 'burglar alarm', but to have fire alarms, smoke alarms, water leak detection, surveillance video, electronic door locks and other new types of equipment that will become available. Our systems are designed to assist you to manage all of these systems and to do so from a single app or from a touch panel in your home. We have these types of systems set up and working in our Experience Center so you see how they work.

Secure Safety

Alarm, Surveillance, Door Locks, and Garage Door Openers

Alarm System Control

Our control systems interface with your alarm so that your home automation touch panels work like an additional alarm panel. You can arm, disarm and perform maintenance functions from any touch panel in your home or from the remote 'touch panel' app that is available. You can remotely arm or disarm your security system. In case of an alarm, you can remotely determine which window, door or sensor is compromised.

Surveillance Video

You can use your control system to view your cameras on your home touch panels or use the remote app to view them when you are away from home. Using the remote app would be handy when someone rings your doorbell. The system notifies you that someone is at the front door and you can see them from the door camera. You can talk to them from your smart phone when you are not home or from a touch panel or phone inside the home. If necessary, you can turn off your alarm, unlock your door to give someone access and then when they leave, re-lock the door and turn the alarm back on. Imagine the possibilities! All of this technology is set up and working in our office so you can experience it yourself.

Access Control - Door Locks

Automated door locks are now available which can be locked by just touching them or can be unlocked using the built in keypad by entering the correct combination of numbers and/or letters on the keypad.  You can add or delete codes as you see fit. That way, if you have house guests, you can give them a temporary code you enter into the system so they can come and go from your home.

These types of systems may be restricted to day and time of day that they work. This is ideal for allowing entry of housekeepers and maintenance personnel.

All of these locks are controlled via our home control system. The technology is absolutely amazing!

Garage Door Openers

Of course, garage door opener technology has been with us for decades. At some point in life, we've all left a door open as we drive off. Wouldn't it be nice if you could remotely determine if your door is open and close it? You can do this with our control system. We can also design the system to close the door automatically after a set period of time. Therefore, if you are busy and don't think about it being open, the system will close it for you automatically.

You can have the system check if your garage doors are open as you are getting ready to go to bed for the night. Make this a routine part of your 'goodnight' button. It will allow you to sleep better knowing that someone is not going to come through your garage door at night while you are asleep.

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