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Lighting | HVAC | Window Coverings | Pool, Spa | Sprinkler System

Your 'environment' is anything around you that affects your comfort, lighting, pool and/or spa control, motorized window coverings, and even your home's sprinkler systems. We make it easy for you to set what you like and then to have it automated to keep it that way no matter the time of day or time of year.  Need to make changes? No problem; you can modify on the fly.


Manage climate, lights, window treatments, outdoors and more

Lighting Control

Most of us think of lighting control as a light switch which is flipped on or off when we enter or exit a room. However, if you have ever had advanced lighting control for your home, you will always want it. For example, lighting control gives you the ability to turn on a 'path of lights' when you enter a dark home. You choose the path! It could be every light in the house if you were concerned about security. Actually, we can even program your system to 'sense' when you are a short distance from your home and turn on a lighting scene that you define.

Our lighting control systems allow you to set a scene exactly like you want it. You can dim lights for a romantic dinner or turn up the lights for a party scene. We work with you to design scenes to suit your moods and place them on light switch buttons (or control system screens) so you can enable them at the touch of a button. You can also program scenes and save them on buttons yourself.

Our lighting control systems can provide you with a 'goodnight' button in your master bedroom. When pressed, it turns off all lights in your home (except for maybe night lights). The 'goodnight' button can also be programmed to turn on your security alarm, make sure garage doors are closed, lock doors and perform routines to save you steps and time plus ensure your safety.


HVAC/Temperature Control

In a large home, you may have multiple zones of heating and air conditioning to keep your family comfortable throughout the seasons. We install thermostats that provide scheduling so the temperature may be automatically adjusted to economical settings when you are not at home. Then they are automatically returned to your 'comfortable' settings prior to your return.  This saves energy and utility costs. In addition, your thermostats' settings may be accessed remotely via your cell phone or laptop to make changes should you need to do so.

If your home has humidity control capabilities, our thermostats will also sense the level of humidity in the home and adjust them to your desired level. Humidity controls keep your home from being too dry in the winter. This helps keep your wood cabinets and furniture from cracking and helps keep your skin from 'cracking' as well. Your comfort is the ultimate result.

Our thermostats also have remote sensors available so that thermostats can be hidden from view. These remote sensors can be programmed to take readings throughout the house so that the entire house may be kept comfortable - not just where the thermostat is located.

Shades/Window Coverings

Shades, blinds, and drapery may be motorized for convenience. They can then be automated to open and close based on the time of day or other criteria. This keeps the sun from damaging your furniture or providing unwanted heat in your environment. Just like your light control, your window covering controls can be used to set a particular scene that you want. You may want your window treatments open for a party or closed at a set time every night. These types of scenes may be programmed so that you can touch one button to activate them for the entire house or just one room. Of course you may use the window covering controls to manually adjust at any time.

Pool, Spa and Water

Feature Control

Large homes typically have a some type of water feature on their property such as a pool, spa or fountain. Each of these 'features' have things that need to be adjusted or enabled for use. For example, your pool may have a water slide which requires water to be pumped from the pool to the slide so that it can be used as intended. Pool and spa heating system temperatures may need to be adjusted from time-to-time. Instead of going to your pool equipment to turn things on or off, you can adjust them from inside the comfort of your home or remotely using our control systems. Our control systems integrate with your pool or water feature equipment. You can program things to work automatically or just manually turn things on or off as you see fit.

Sprinkler System Control

When it comes time to adjust your sprinkler controls, you can do it easily from one of our touch panels. This keeps you from having to go to your yard or the location of your sprinkler controls to manually make adjustments. If you occasionally want to have your sprinkler run extra during those real hot days or to water your flower beds an extra few minutes, you can go to one of our touch panels and make the changes wanted quickly and easily.

This makes controlling your lawn watering as easy as turning on lights in your home. You will wonder how you ever lived without this convenience.

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