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The Three Best Uses For a Keypad

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Keypads are put in place of a light switch and allow you to control that light and can communicate other keypads in the house. Instead of a switch, it has a few buttons on it, and these buttons can be programmed to do whatever you want! Having a whole house full of keypads means that you can control every light in the house!

Lighting isn’t all that it can do. It can control blinds, music, fireplaces, alarm panels… the list goes on and on. In this blog, we’re going to list some of our favorite uses for keypads.

Entry/Exit Scenes

Having a keypad next to the entrances and exits of the house is a necessity for a smart home. It allows you to control anything you want when you first walk in the door. One of the most common scenes we program is a “Home” scene. Where all the main lights turn on, the blinds open (depending on the time of day) and sets the thermostat to a comfortable level. So as soon as you walk in your front door. Likewise, an “Away” scene is also helpful to have next to the door. You can activate the “Away” scene when you walk out the door and it automatically turns off the lights, lock the doors, and set the alarm.

Music Control

Our next item on the list is music control. If you have a keypad in a room that has a speaker system, having a keypad to control it is a no-brainier. Our control system integrates with many streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL, and iHeartRadio, so it’s possible to program your favorite playlist, genre radio, or local radio station to a button on your keypad to always have it accessible. And with convenient volume controls built into the keypad, it’s easy to adjust on the fly.

Bedside Use

Lastly, a bedside keypad is essential for getting the most out of your control system. We program our bedside keypads with a “Goodnight” button that turns off all the lights inside, closes the blinds, makes sure the garage doors are closed, locks all the doors and turns off any music or TV’s still playing throughout the house.

Overall, a well-placed keypad is crucial for controlling your smart home in the most convenient way. With many different uses for all kinds of situations, the keypad is an incredibly useful tool to help make your life easier.


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